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Architects & Construction Engineers
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Architects & Construction Engineers :: Discover - Field Verification Surveys for As-Built Documentation - Wide range of CAD/Drafting Services - Facility Database Development (CAFM)Since 1976, we have done extensive work in support of Architects and Engineers, operating as the “relief valve” for peak work flow conditions in both large and small jobs.

Over 150 Architects have turned to ECS for assistance in bringing a cost effective solution to their clients with our our skills and capabilities in:

  • CAD
  • CD’s
  • Field Verification of As-Built conditions.

BOMA/REBNY/IFMA square footage analysis (with BOMA StandardWare® capabilities required by many commercial clients)

Although we recognize that many firms perform much of our type of work "in-house", this might be an opportune time to evaluate the bottom line benefits of a strategic relationship with ECS:

  • Our robust capability and extensive experience enables ECS to present highly efficient and productive service levels.
  • Incredibly fast response to your client's needs.
  • Our pricing schema that enables you to maintain or improve your margins.
  • Our participation enables the Architect to focus his or her valuable time on those creative architectural skills and core competencies that have made you successful.
  • Our high quality output utilizes your standards and your title block. We can remain completely transparent to your client, if you so desire.

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Architects & Construction Engineers


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- Field Verification Surveys for As-Built Documentation - Wide range of CAD/Drafting Services - Facility Database Development (CAFM)

About ECS Group, Inc.
ECS Group, Inc (a Small Business Enterprise) is a premier CAD/CAFM/CIFM services organization serving the Facility Management, Architectural and Engineering Communities. Since 1976, their management and staff have generated value for their customers by utilizing state-of-the-art computer hardware and software, coupled with professional skills in drafting, architecture, engineering, scanning, digitization, training and field verification. Their capabilities include expertise in Computer Aided Drafting and Design (CADD), Computer Aided/Integrated Facilities Database Development and Management (CAFM/CIFM), and Field Verified "As-Built" Plan Development. The company is based in Morris County, NJ and maintains satellite offices in Bethesda, MD.

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