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ECS Group, Inc. is one of the oldest CAD organizations serving the Facility Management, Architectural, and Engineering Communities.
Since 1976, our management and staff have delivered competitive value for our customers by utilizing state of the art computer hardware and software coupled with professional skills in drafting, architecture, engineering, scanning, digitization, training and as-built field verification. Our capabilities include Computer Aided Drafting (CAD), Computer Aided/Integrated Facilities Management (CAFM/CIFM), and Field Verified "As-Built" Plan Development.
Field Verification (As-Builts):
  • ECS' field verification/surveying services have proven invaluable to managers with responsibility for inventories of space as well as such assets as furniture and equipment..
  • ECS simplifies the challenge of reconciling drawings and existing documentation to the actual field conditions.
  • Our staff has field verified in excess of 200 million square feet of space located within every type and styly of building imagineable, including: offices, hospitals, hotels and resorts, bank branches, retail malls, research labs, academic, trading floors, refineries, service stations, warehousing and distribution and more!
  • Information gathered is used to develop accurate "as-built" drawings for a wide array of plans including: Floor Plans, Partition Plans, Furniture Plans, Department Plans, HEGIS Plans, Evacuation Plans, Equipment Plans, Reflected Ceiling Plans, Power, Telephone & Signal Plans, Cabling Plans, Personnel Plans, Plumbing Plans, HVAC Plans, Process Piping Plans and Site Plans.
Facilities Database Development:
  • Our staff has been directly responsible for the development of over 250+ million square feet of facilities databases in the last 10 years alone!
  • Our professional staff works closely with clients to formulate and implement the critical procedures and techniques needed to maintain the integrity of their CAFM database.
  • ECS' "as built" drawings underpin the success of CAFM and/or CIFM databases, lease square footage verifications, space cost allocation initiatives as well as the development of interactive programs for tracking depreciation and maintenance of furniture, equipment and entire buildings.
  • We have direct, hands-on experience with the major CAFM/CIFM software packages. We can format and polyline existing plans or develop field verified "as-built" plans of your organization's property portfolio that optimize the performance of your database.
Computer Aided Drafting
  • Our drafting staff's average 12+ years of experience enhances our ability to maximize the potential of the latest technologies.
  • ECS is able to develop drawings in strict coherence to established layering standards and symbology that ensures immediate functionality within your established environment.
  • We can transform your incongrous collection of rough sketches, layouts, marked up prints, field notes, aperture cards, diskettes, or virtually any other input into a single, uniform format.
  • Final drawings can be output to digital files for transmission via email or FTP or written onto diskette, cartridge, tape or CD). And YES... still get the occaisional call for Vellum, Mylar or Paper!  

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About ECS Group, Inc.
ECS Group, Inc (a Small Business Enterprise) is a premier CAD/CAFM/CIFM services organization serving the Facility Management, Architectural and Engineering Communities. Since 1976, their management and staff have generated value for their customers by utilizing state-of-the-art computer hardware and software, coupled with professional skills in drafting, architecture, engineering, scanning, digitization, training and field verification. Their capabilities include expertise in Computer Aided Drafting and Design (CADD), Computer Aided/Integrated Facilities Database Development and Management (CAFM/CIFM), and Field Verified "As-Built" Plan Development. The company is based in Morris County, NJ and maintains satellite offices in Bethesda, MD.

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