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Higher Education Campuses & Building Facilities  :: Discover - Field Verification Surveys for As-Built Documentation - Wide range of CAD/Drafting Services - Facility Database Development (CAFM)In addition to our well known work in CAD, CAFM and architectural field verification, ECS' services in the Banking niche extend to include:

  • Reflected ceiling plans
  • Site plan drawings (parking, drive-through, walk-ups, building exteriors, etc.)
  • Capturing assets information on vaults, cash-lockers, safes, ATM’s, CCTV, Camera placement, RTU's, dye-packs, etc.
  • Capturing key ADA information (including building access & navigation, parking, door pressures, signage, restrooms, ramps, handrail, door hardware, etc.)
  • Roof plans and elevations

ECS retains strategic partnerships with aligned firms that enable us to deliver additional services such as:

  • ADA Compliance - Assessment of compliance by site and management of remediation where required.
  • Physical Security Compliance - comparing acquiring bank standards to acquisition sites.
  • Site Lighting and Landscaping Security Assessment
  • Operations standards compliance in relation to facility functions.
  • ATM - New site selection, existing ATM analysis (physical and operational), and project management of installation.
    bullet Building condition assessments - both physical and operational.
  • Construction services - budgeting, scoping, construction administration, overall project management.
  • Architectural Services - Design and Interior Design (licensed architect and interior designers)
  • Safe Deposit Box Customer Consolidations – maximizing efficiency, planning, drawing, scheduling, vendor management, operations coordination.
  • Equipment Inventory and Condition Assessment – identifying existing, calculating useful life, planning replacement.
  • Process Design and Management - Any and/or all of the above can be rolled into a deliverable to the customer in the form of a process for their implementation in the future.

Our very modest fee structure enables us to present a highly efficient and productive suite of services to our Banking clients. The result is that we can supply solutions for both large and newly emerging Banks with the same level of quality and efficiency.

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- Field Verification Surveys for As-Built Documentation - Wide range of CAD/Drafting Services - Facility Database Development (CAFM)

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ECS Group, Inc (a Small Business Enterprise) is a premier CAD/CAFM/CIFM services organization serving the Facility Management, Architectural and Engineering Communities. Since 1976, their management and staff have generated value for their customers by utilizing state-of-the-art computer hardware and software, coupled with professional skills in drafting, architecture, engineering, scanning, digitization, training and field verification. Their capabilities include expertise in Computer Aided Drafting and Design (CADD), Computer Aided/Integrated Facilities Database Development and Management (CAFM/CIFM), and Field Verified "As-Built" Plan Development. The company is based in Morris County, NJ and maintains satellite offices in Bethesda, MD.

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