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ECS can host and maintain your drawings and CAFM database on our servers with our ASP Model. .

ECS is "technology independent" and works with all the major CAFM applications and platforms in the marketplace today. If you have not yet made a decision on which application best fits your unique needs, getting started with ECS make assist you in making the best selection. Items listed are prerequisites to incorporating CAFM technology within the ASP model.

Key Benefits to ECS ASP &Services:

This saves you the expense of having to either hire or train CAFM database professionals and also allows you access to "on-demand" CAD services on an "as-required" basis.

One of the really big issues in CAD/CAFM is the dependence of the enterprise on a knowledge-worker who can be out sick and shut you down or leave (once trained) and need to be replaced at additional cost.

The ECS ASP Model offers you redundancy benefits, vendor warranted uptime and continual system availability.

With ECS you will have access to the technology and capacity "on demand" and NOT have payroll and benefits or interdepartmental expense charges for "non-productive" periods.

Our ASP model, for example, offers the service for a modest monthly fee (about 12-15% the total monthly cost of an in-house resource), which includes hosting and eight (8) hours of either AutoCAD or CAFM professional services (which by itself is a value of between $500 and $1,000 if purchased separately). Any work that is required after the initial eight hours is based upon discounts off of our normal professional services rates.

ECS ASP & Hosting Connectivity:
There are options for "connectivity" between the ASP and the client which include IT Node connectivity, FTP connectivity, manual connectivity (email, courier delivery of discs, CD-R’s, marked-up hard copy, etc.) that can address any issues of security or integrity that your IT and or Financial people may have regarding the interaction of business systems.

ECS can help you manage all the steps to get an ASP project going, which may include:

  • Updating master floor plans to "as-existing" condition by merging all renovation documentation, (i.e. CAD files, paper drawings, in-house sketches, etc.) into the CAD floor plans.
  • Transition all of the client's drawings into a digital, fully indexed database.
  • Develop a client CAD standards document and disk.
  • Set procedures for releasing drawings to consultants.
  • Set procedures for accepting & indexing new drawings.
  • Set procedures for updating master plans.
  • Provide client personnel access to ECS' client FTP site or set up ECS as a node on client's network.
  • Set procedures for ongoing database backup.

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