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Architects & Construction Engineers :: Discover - Field Verification Surveys for As-Built Documentation - Wide range of CAD/Drafting Services - Facility Database Development (CAFM) Paramount to our value proposition is a Business Solution that creates positive impact across all units of your Enterprise...

  • ECS provides sustainable benefits by implementing solutions that enable repeatable, controlled Facility Management practices and routines, which are flexible, extensible, and non-intrusive to the client business process.
  • Let ECS augment your existing Drafting or Facility Management Departments enabling you to handle peak period workloads without the overhead associated with hiring, training and equipping professional staff.
  • To facilitate standardization, our staff can utilize multiple source documents furnished by our client, and/or information gathered by our Field Teams to compile a standardized, uniform CAD/CAFM database.
  • These drawings will frequently contain embedded data, which will enable the generation of reports which can be used for the ongoing management and engineering of the project.

ECS possesses the resources; experience and flexibility needed to execute projects on time, within budget and, most importantly, at the professional level of quality demanded by your enterprise. ECS Group, Inc “co-sourcing” benefits include:

  • Access to Technology- ECS continually upgrades our hardware and software to the most current release, in order to stay on the leading edge of our industry technology.
  • Access to Capacity- Our professional staff will augment your existing internal resources and help you avoid the cost and the hassle of hiring, training, equipping and supervising in-house AutoCAD staff to ongoing maintenance of the facility portfolio. “Turn us on when you need us, turn us off when you don’t.”
  • Access to Experience- Since 1976, ECS has been at the forefront of the development and automation of graphics databases for facilities management and planning. With hundreds of millions of Gross Square Feet documented, our staff stands ready to apply that experience and expertise to your unique program requirements.

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Facility Managers & Drafting Departments

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- Field Verification Surveys for As-Built Documentation - Wide range of CAD/Drafting Services - Facility Database Development (CAFM)

About ECS Group, Inc.
ECS Group, Inc (a Small Business Enterprise) is a premier CAD/CAFM/CIFM services organization serving the Facility Management, Architectural and Engineering Communities. Since 1976, their management and staff have generated value for their customers by utilizing state-of-the-art computer hardware and software, coupled with professional skills in drafting, architecture, engineering, scanning, digitization, training and field verification. Their capabilities include expertise in Computer Aided Drafting and Design (CADD), Computer Aided/Integrated Facilities Database Development and Management (CAFM/CIFM), and Field Verified "As-Built" Plan Development. The company is based in Morris County, NJ and maintains satellite offices in Bethesda, MD.

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